Izabelle Garcia

Vogue Portugal

Set Design/ Props
November 9, 2020

I created a handful of custom soft sculpture props as well as designed a monochromatic interior for Vogue Portugal.

Alongside the creative director I designed these pieces to fit with the theme of youthful romance, and took inspiration from modernist Giacometti and Miro paintings.


Photographer: Martina Keenan // @martinkeenan

Photographer assistant: Raina Brie // @rainabb

Stylist: Elly Mcgaw // @ellymcgaw

Stylist assistant: Amber Rose Smith // @amberrose.smith

Model: Aamito Lagum @ Heroes // @aamitolagum

Model: Veronika Vilim @ The Lions // @veronikavilim

Hair: Taichi Saito // @taichi424

Make up: Akiko Owada // @akikoowada

Production: Sonia Kovacevic // @soniakovacevic

Retoucher: Valeria Funes // @valedith23

Set design: Izzy Garcia// @isshegarcia

Set design assistant: Dena Winter // @dena.winter

Studio: Prospect Studios // @prospectstudiosnyc\