Izabelle Garcia

Imaginary Friend

Production Designer

Named Best Sci-Fi Short - Independent Short Awards 2019

Official selection of Lift off Global Los Angeles 2019 Festival

No Budge Short Selection 2019

Sunday Shorts Film Festival 2019

Tally Shorts Festival 2020

LA SciFi Film Fest 2019

As the production designer of 'Imaginary Friend,' I collaborated with director Zach Rubin to transform a modern home into an austere landscape for his short film. I constructed key props, such as the virtual assistant glasses, which were crucial to the narrative.

Recently, Helen has been tormented by a series of unsettling dreams that seem to seep into her waking life. Living alone, her only companion is a virtual assistant that guides her throughout the day, providing breathing exercises, personalized advertisements, and more. When she receives a message from her estranged son, David, it resurfaces old wounds, prompting her AI companion to suggest a new device that enables cathartic virtual reality experiences.